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Add Macros and assign key commands to macros



I think we need Macros now. Let me describe some interesting ways it can be used by comparing it to another application, Cubase. Cubase is a music program for multi-track recording. It has a very unique feature that allows you to automate and trigger macros.

For example, you can have a track with audio. You could assign a key command that triggers the following logic:

- If any track contains "some specific word"
- then color the track to "some specific color"
- AND mute the track

We need something like this in Evernote and frankly it would be a better approach than AI since it allows us to be more specific with our needs. For example, I have many notes I've failed to tag with a specific tag. If I want to tag notes that contain a specific term I have to do the following: search the term, select many notes, apply a tag to them. It can be tedious.

Here's what I imagine we could do instead

- We have the ability to save searches and use advanced search syntax
- We should also be able to assign a task to this such as "Apply tag" and then save the entire thing as a macro
- Then we can assign a key command to the macro

In Cubase they call this Logic+Macro+Key Command feature, "Logical Editor". I think it's something Evernote should consider.

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