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Hello I am having trouble opening all PDFs within EN on one of my Macs (see version info below). I get the following error message "Failed to Open" (screenshot below). I am able to download PDFs and open them with Preview (just can't open directly from within a note). I have EN installed on other Macs and don't have an issue. Any ideas on how to fix? Should I delete and reinstall? Also I noticed that in the web app yo can no longer open PDFs just download them. Assume that's the way the web app works, correect? Thanks for the help  


EN Version: 10.79.3-mac-mas-public (20240307101007) Editor: v177.6.1 Service: v1.95.0
MacOS Version: 13.6.5 (22G621) Latest verasion supported by this Macimage.thumb.png.4187a1ac3a97247f23401ecd85d318af.png

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