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(Archived) Suggestion for fast housekeeping notes

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This might be reaching too far, but I'll offer it as a suggestion anyways. I'm in Windows, List View, the Left Panel, Tags.

When I click on a tag, I get a list of notes that are assigned that tag.

My suggestion below is sort of a reverse of this.

For housecleaning purposes, I run searches to find notes that are missing specific tags.

For instance, do I have any notes that mention my doctor and do not include his tag?

I have hundreds of tags and hundreds of saved searches that look like these:

  • Capes -tag:"Capes James Dr."
    Iraq -tag:Iraq
    Inflation -tag:Inflation
    "Government Option" -tag:"Universal Health"

My suggestion is to add a "Missing Tag" feature to the right-click option on each tag. The option would list all notes that:

  • contain the tag word (Obama)
    but have not been tagged with the word yet (Obama)

It is confusing to explain, so it is probably too confusing to code, but just in case...

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