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(Archived) Enex File Tag Attribute Question/Issue (Android Intent)


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Hello, I'm trying to write an Android Intent to create a new note using Evernote's export file format (ENEX). Everything works great for the most part, a note is upload with title, content, latitude, longitude, author, creation date, etc. The issue is that the "tag" attribute doesn't make it into the final note. Without error messages, the tag is simply left off of the final note. Do you have any ideas on why it works this way? I'm not an experienced developer, or businessman so it could be something simple, but I'm at a loss since all of the other attributes upload without issue! :)

Otherwise, I was glad to hear of Evernote's intent capability, hopefully I can integrate into my app soon!

To summarize my work, I downloaded the project code offered at the following link:http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/android.php , and modified the code to include additional note attributes in the ENEX file formatted according to the DTD document:

(title, content, created?, updated?, tag*,

note-attributes?, resource*)>

My modified ENEX code is below:

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>











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While the other values that you're specifying are specific to that particular note, tags are separate entities living within an account, that can be used on multiple notes. If you try to import an enex into the mac client, you'll notice a dialog pops up verifying whether you would like to import the tags. This was done to prevent polluting the user's tag list with a plethora of tags from an incoming note, which they would need to later tidy up manually. We may do something similar on the Android client in the future, but for now, we simply ignore tags.

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Thanks for the explanation. To give feedback on your (proposed/potential) solution/direction, my application would require a small number of tags per export (3 max), and a confirmation dialogue for each export would compromise the user experience to a significant degree since logging speed is of primary concern. Specifically, for my application I would prefer a one-time confirmation dialogue and/or a limit on tag quantity per export.

As an Evernote user I agree that a multitude of unwanted tags would seem painful to manage. Good tags are difficult to manage/create, especially on mobile phones.

I appreciate the attention, thanks again. Keep up the good work on Android Intent services!

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