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(Archived) Lost note! what the?

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I lost a very important note!

It was essentially my time sheet info for getting paid for my work. I now can't invoice a client because I have NO info and was relying on this note.

All evidence of it has disappeared, I thought maybe it was user-error and I accidentally deleted it, but if that's the case why doesn't it show up in my deleted folder?

Is this a common occurrence? Is there a fix or some trick for retrieving lost notes?

I was about to get the premium version of Evernote and have been recommending it to friends and even other businesses.. but this incident has scared me from wanting to use this product at all.

Any guidance?


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Of course I opened a support case as well, I just figured this forum might provide a faster response in case there's some goofy trick that I'm not aware of.

How do you backup evernote? (and what's the point of this app if you've got to manually back it up on a daily basis?)

I assumed syncing it between my laptop and iphone makes the data redundant enough to be safer then say, merely using the iphone's notepad.. I guess the opposite is true.

Am I crazy to think that a note simply DISAPPEARING and not even showing up in the trash is just a little bit of cause for concern for the reliability of this product?

Not flaming, I really liked the product until this incident happened.

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How to back up:

  • >Tools
    Click on "Open Database folder"
    For Windows, the important file is the .exb file. That contains everything.

What's the point in backing up? Other than safety, it also saves time if you ever have to restore the database. Pulling a large database down from the cloud can take quite a while. I let Carbonite take care of my backups automatically through out the day.

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I haven't heard of general reports of notes that were in a normal (synchronized) notebook disappearing completely from an account. I've seen a few bugs where the contents of the note may get clobbered (e.g. from the iPad), but this is usually recoverable using our "Note History" feature:

http://blog.evernote.com/2010/04/14/new ... 0mb-notes/

If you use "local" notebooks that are never synchronized to our servers, then I'd strongly recommend that you back up your notes (via File>Export) and/or your whole database file.

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