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Can Evernote SDK handle umlaut characters as proxy password?

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We are using Evernote SDK and are developing a web app. We are trying to test Proxy login with Evernote SDK


We can login to Evernote with or without using Proxy. However, a proxy with umlaut (ü) character password cannot login.

We also tested using a proxy with Euro (€) character password and it can login.

To boil down:

1. Can Evernote SDK THttpClient.setProxyAddress accept 3-byte characters?

2. Why is euro proxy password working and not umlaut proxy password?

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question #2 was incorrect
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Hi.  We're mostly other users here,  and there are no developers that I know of..  you're best off contacting Evernote direct.

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I really don't understand the question.

If certain characters are not working in passwords, avoid them.

It is not unusual that the characters for passwords are only allowed from a specific character set. It reduces entropy a bit, but this can be compensated by making the password a little longer. Tell your users what choices they have, and that's it.

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