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(Archived) Resolution/Quality Problem on Mac




I'm using the following evernote on my mac.

Version 2.0.1 (118429)

I've been using evernote alot and am even thinking of signing up as a premium member. However, evernote let me down that day when i need to access an image file on my iPad. Unless this is fixed, i don't see that i'm able to proceed being a premium member.

Several of my image uploads appear extremely normal on my iMac's evernote, but on my iPhone, iPad and even your website, they appear extremely grainy.

Please see the following screen shots.

This is a portion of the file, and it appears normal on my iMac


This is the same portion, as seen on your evernote web. It appears the same on my iPad and iPhone


I re-uploaded the above file, this time thru email (using my email on evernote), and the file was showing the same quality.

Several other files have the same problems, and they are all image files.

If you need more screen shots i can get them up here.

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