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035 - Import Notes from Competing systems



Problem Description
  • Currently it's impossible to import HTML as note content
    • ... like it was possible in Legacy by move HTML files to its import folder 😉
    • V10 imports all files from import folder as attachments for new notes 😐
  • Import command itself offers only ENEX and TXT files to be read.
  • The duplicates on the forum are repetitive and people have a hard time getting into Evernote if they have a lot of notes in Competing systems.

Expected behaviour
  • Be able to import "notes" coded in HTML, Markdown ( & CSV ?) by reading files from defined import folder(s)
  • Offer a command/procedure to import other (competitor) formats (competitors might import EN notes)
    • Often mentioned here: Apple Notes, OneNote, Obsidian, Notion, ...

  • none so far...

Background information (See also...)
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