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Keyboard Shortcuts for Evernote Web, Strikethrough text

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I tried switching from Evernote Windows to Evernote Web.
I like that with Web more of the content can be displayed at once, in full screen mode, than is possible with Evernote Windows.
However I found that in Web, CTRL+T does not strikethrough text like it does in the Windows version.

Is there a different keyboard shortcut, or how can I strikethrough text without switching back to using the mouse?

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On 3/2/2024 at 3:19 PM, VincentC said:

Many (all?) of the shortcuts don't work on the web client.  It's the main disadvantage of the web client from my perspective.

... because Web browsers use those shortcuts for their own purposes, e.g. Ctrl+T for a new tab.

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