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All notes displaying with large left margin

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I have updated to Evernote 10.78.2
Im experiencing a display problem of the notes being displayed with a large left margin.  I have rebooted and reloaded Evernote several times and the behavior persists.
All the notes are displayed this way with all the text shifted from the left margin.   All forms of notes, text, pictures, all display the same way.
Is this a known issue?

Thank you all for any insights or fixes!

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.09.29 AM.png

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I checked the Note Width setting.   It was currently set to "Fit to Window," so I restarted Evernote and the margin behavior continued......?       

After restart,  I then changed it to "Optimize readability" then back to "Fit to Window" and it fixed the note margins!

To test,  I jumped around to a bunch of notes / notebooks and it worked correctly.   Then I quit and restarted Evernote and the setting held and is now working.

@Boot17 - Thank you!

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