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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Take a look around the previous threads--this has been reported before, I think. Fold devices seem to be particularly problematic. You can go to the Support option in Settings to report the problem.

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It seems odd to pay a subscription for a product that doesn't work on your phone.  And Samsung Galaxy phones are fairly common...it's not like a small company with very few phones on the market.  All other apps work on the Galaxy Fold 5, so why can't Evernote figure out how to fix it?

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Yes, very annoying. Paying premium for the phone and for Evernote and it's upsetting that it doesn't work as intended. Had to do some workaround. It works if i have it side by side (2 apps) or multiple, or rotate the phone landscape vs portrait and it doesn't crash. But if I open evernote fullscreen it crashes immediately. I bought Z Fold 5 with sPen because I planned to use it a lot with Evernote. Been loyal Evernote user and didn't even looked at another app, now I am starting to look into alternatives. 

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