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(Archived) Default Add Link to URL if a URL is highlighted

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Maybe I'm old school, but I like to see where a link is taking me before I click on it. As a result, when I put links in a note, I enter or paste the actual URL, then highlight it, then add link, then enter or paste the same URL again. I think it would be nice if EN by default entered the URL in the Add URL dialog box. You could have it selected automatically so entering anything would immediately replace it without having to select it. The one downside, from a development perspective, is trying to decide if the user has highlighted a URL or not.

On a different but related topic, it appears that the only way to see what the actual URL is, is to edit it. Perhaps having a help text box (sorry can't remember the technical term) with the URL appear if the user hovers over a link would solve this.


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