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Automatically filing emails

Ian Nominate


I am very pleased with v10 which I have recently installed.  In particular I am delighted to be able to file emails directly into a Notebook.  However, the options go further by this advice:  "If you have auto-filing enabled, but want to put your notes into a specific location, simply specify a notebook and/or tag in the email subject. Using the notebook or tag names will override auto-filing for that note."

This is exactly what I want to do and with trial and error I have discovered how to do it.  But my real hope is to be able to put the email into a Notebook which is part of a stack.  I can't find a way to do this.  Is there a way to specify the stacked Notebook in the email subject line that will do that?

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It doesn't play a role where the notebook is located.

Just add this to the title of the email before you send it:

@notebookname             will send it to that notebook, no matter if in a stack or not.

#tagname                         will enter this tag (several tags possible)

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