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(Archived) Fatal Error with a particular website

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ive been having this fatal error whenever i clipped something from this site www.psdtuts.com


http://psdtuts.com/photo-effects-tutori ... echniques/

i get a fatal error and an option to send the report but i can't send it through the program, is there any way i can get the report?

Also, having problem with sync files, i get this error and sometimes it lockups the program, and i can't end process in task manager.

22:09 24% Creating server note "URBAN DESIGN WITH BLENDER by Yorik- A..."

22:10 24% TException: No more data to read.

22:10 24% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 40s

some website are:

http://blogs.taunton.com/n/blogs/blog.a ... m&entry=70

http://yorik.orgfree.com/tutorials/urba ... ender.html

http://psdtuts.com/photo-effects-tutori ... echniques/

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