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(Archived) Tag order

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I very much appreciate the ability in EN 3 to 'hierarchise/outline' the tags list and am happy with the way sub-tags are sorted in alphabetical order. BUT I would prefer that when multiple tags are successively dragged into a note header they would preserve the order that they were dragged in. i.e remove that bit of your code that sorts the tag display in the note header; if at all possible!

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Sorry but no hierarchy is available...


Day search(9)





Where both Day search and Programs are Parents...

Even if you collapse both, double click, whatever, Day search will NEVER show you the Important note (which is however supposedly his child), and Programs will never show ANY note at all....never!!!

Conclusion: The ident is for beauty purpose only, hierarchy DOES NOT EXIST.

If I want to see all my programs, I have to forget about the tag Programs and instead click on both Evernote and Others.... what is the use of my "intelligent" idea to try to group both below a general Parent Program tag????

Perhaps hierarchy will come back in future releases of EN3, it would be most welcome.


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"Sorry but no hierarchy is available..."

Yes I know. The same issue arises in Ecco's folder pane, that's why you cannot have tags/folders with the same name anywhere. But being able to display the tags as a collapsible outline hierarchy is a great help for organizing them.

However my original suggestion was that when tags were dragged into a note header each new one was simply appended to the list; not sorted.

Now to devise some way of incorporating a hierarchy of personal contacts (category tag, name, address, company, etc.) into a single evernote. A single evernote for each of hundreds of contacts would be totally unwieldy. A single notepad in Ecco was perfect.

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About the contact hierarchy

A good tag category scheme is a clever way (wait for the implementation of hierarchy to come)

In addition to that, the template idea in version 2 was indeed the best way to solve this problem of yours (also to come in 3).

EN would have no problem at all in managing hundreds or thousands of contacts although I hope you won't use it ony as contact manager, it would be using EN way below its true capacity.



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Sorry to come back...

About the sorting of tags in the note header...

I must admit i don't get the need of that. I personally don't think it would be of any use. The header is just sbowing the tags assigned.

Could you explain what would be your idea?



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1. About the sorting of tags in the note header...

It is just that after I had dragged a number of tags into the note header EN went to the trouble of sorting them into alphabetical order - unnecessarily, I thought because the order I had dragged them reflected my 'hierarchy' in the Tags pane.

2. About the contact hierarchy

I wait for this!

I realise that EN is not supposed to be a Personal Information Manager but it does seem to have leanings in that direction, eg To-Do notes (though I cannot find out how these are supposed to work - assuming they are fully implemented in the beta), hyperlinks.

I would like to use EN as a document manager though I cannot yet manage to drag file names (paths?) from Windows Explorer into a note ("...to the tape perforation to the left of notes or to the blue area below.."?. Maybe this is still EN 2 speak in Help)

I have pasted the following excerpt from my Ecco Contacts notepad collapsible outline with any confidential info removed. I cannot see how anything as flexible as this could be implemented in EN. Templates are much too inflexible (Ultra Recall). Maybe I will be able to drag the Ecco executable path into a note and run an Ecco notepad from there:


Gosford Castle Trust




Oxford Island 13/10/05

Willy Mullen, Kinnegoe, IWAI

John McKeown, Irish Waterways

Colin Becker, IWAI

Ulster Canal

Ruth Delaney

('..noted author and expert on Irish waterways...')

Colin Becker

President of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland. (@ 12/3/2002)

Erskine Holmes

Co-chairman Ulster Waterways Group (@ 12/3/2002)

Ian Bath

('...writer and waterway enthusiast...'

Coalisland Canals

Tommy McIlvenna - resident expert. 6/8/05

Trevor(?) Young - railway expert. 6/8/05



Ecco is much prettier and neater than this. It would be nice to able to attach a screen dump.

I don't know if you have ever used Ecco. It relies on a hierarchical database with relational links (columns; not pasteable) to different sub-hierarchies. Development ceased in 1997 because so many users got their links crossed and the database would fall over. No software bugs, just logical ones. I programmed hierarchical and relational databases for many years and so am a bit paranoid about hierarchies and relational links. Ecco unfortunately is limited to a small database and won't communicate with a lot of modern applications - that is why I need to change.


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I realise that EN is not supposed to be a Personal Information Manager but it does seem to have leanings in that direction, eg To-Do notes (though I cannot find out how these are supposed to work - assuming they are fully implemented in the beta), hyperlinks.

as an aside, when you are entering a note, hit ctrl-shift-C and it will insert a checkbox. This automatically makes it a todo note. You can also right-click in the note and insert the checkbox under the ToDo menu item

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Problem with the Todo..


I found that the todo was not working on all platform... (the Iphone for instance). It might have been fixed, but check with Destop version and web version. I think I sent a Feedback to EN team about that (cannot remember exactly).. Or it was not able to create the box, or you could not check or uncheck the box one one platform... have a look.

In EN 2.2.1

You have a contact template that works OK and remember you can make (design) your own template to better suit your needs... The detail on how to proceed are somewhere on the forum (make a search, I cannot do it for the moment, am a bit too busy for two or three days). But there is info and a link (I think) to a place where everything is explained.

DO MAKE A COPY OF AN EXISTING TEMPLATE WITH ANOTHER NAME and then modify it (I had a little interferenc once I modified a template a year or so ago)

Then with the tags, its really functionnal!

Best regards


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