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Improve the "Note width" setting "Optimize readbility" option by allowing a suboption to choose left, center (or maybe even right?) alignment



The new "Optimize readability" option for the note width is good, in the sense that it respects UX best practices in terms of text width, which does improve the readability.

However, forcing the whole note container to be centered doesn't fit all needs. It bothered me as soon as it happened, as I have my Evernote on my right screen, and then the text was too far away to be comfortable. I can imagine a similar situation with someone having Evernote on their left screen (or of course in the left/right on a huge screen).

In order to allow for more flexibility, there should then be a new sub-option to the "Optimize readability" option, to determine what the alignment of the note container should be:

  • left
  • center (default, as is now)
  • right
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Another feature request related to "Optimize Readability" is to give the user the option to set the percentage of the view in relationship to the margins. In other words, I can set the notes area to fill a percentage of the notes area. 

As it is right now, on a large monitor, the notes area is rather small in comparison to the rest of the note. Following the redesigned UI, tables that correctly displayed are now clipped with very small columns. 

Changing to "Fit to WIndow" on a large monitor creates an unwieldy note with text stretching across the entire note.

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