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Notebooks and UI, Page Order



So UI is pretty important to me, so I appreciate the different view options and ability to colorcode different things. I use note programs to help me sort and organize my information because my adhd is very hard to control otherwise. I also really like the scratchpads and ability to customize the home dashboard. I find it really helpful to have a dashboard and have the most important stuff pinned there. 

There are some things that have occurred to me while using this, that I would really like to see:

If there was a way to pin notes to the top of a note book and/or order the pages a certain way so you don't keep reshuffling every time you edit something. 

I'd like to control the color of the notes in the panel, so I can visually see which pages are themed to types of information - ie. braindumps, table of contents/quick search, copy paste, fully designed and editted...etc.

Perhaps we can even introduce different notebook views. I'd like to see the notes as cards inside the notebooks so we can drag and drop ideas around. Maybe that can be a separate idea for a brainstorming area or something, but there isn't a lot of options on how to view notebooks and stacks.


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