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Penultimate: Handwriting to text conversion



I attend a lot of meetings and still use pen and paper. I've considered the device called Remarkable, and once I can afford it, I may get it, but it's really expensive. It's also another device to carry around and keep powered up. On the other hand, I have an iPad with a pen and should make better use of this. On the negative side, as a writing device, the glass surface is too slippery, unlike paper and does require a degree of focus to get a good result. My handwriting is quite bad anyway, and at the end of a meeting, I have to go through my notes and attempt to translate them for distribution, duplication, arching, etc. Someone introduced me to Nebo, which has one specific feature I'd like to see added to Evernote - Pen to Text conversion. It works like this:-


You make some notes.

  • Select a Lasso function.
  • Circle your notes.
  • On joining up the circle the following options appear...
  • Cut,
  • Copy,
  • Copy as.....
    • (Text, Sketch, Math, Diagram).
  • Delete
  • Convert
  • Resize

The Convert function accurately converts all alpha-numeric annotations into text.


So, on the way home on the train, I now have a quick five-minute task of converting all my notes to text that I can then copy to other documents/reports. Great time saver! It requires little or no correction - even working with my terrible handwriting.

Please can you add this and I can then afford to delete Nebo!

Please note that I was instrumental in designing and developing a sophisticated Interactive Touch Screen Software for the Education and Commercial sectors and may have further pointers for you.




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Penultimate is not supported any more. I expect it to be entirely withdrawn soon.

You need another solution for your handwriting.

Personally I use an iPad Air with Pencil, and GoodNotes as my app of choice. EN never was and in the foreseeable future never will be a handwriting platform.

The Remarkables I see only as remarkable because I have rarely seen a device do underpowered been sold so overpriced. Little wonder they seem to own the internet with their advertising, they seem to have enough money to burn.

What I dislike: If it fails, you have an expensive brick that you can’t use for anything else.

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