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Import folder: Evernote is loosing track of what is already imported

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Just notice that my Evernote windows client is loosing track of that was already imported in my "watched folder" for the last couple of days. It juist re-import everything whenever I restart the app.

Version 10.74.1.

Anybody has the same problem?


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34 minutes ago, fredhammersmith said:

Anybody has the same problem?

Issues with duplicate imports from the Import Folder have been reported a couple of times here,  and I also experienced it myself a while ago.  It has been reported,  but you could tell Support about it. 

An easy work around is to save intended imports to another folder and batch import them manually a couple of times a day by moving the content to the Import folder,  then empty the folder again after a brief wait.  Various apps will watch a specific folder and take action on any content moved there - if you use the import function a lot should be pretty easy to set up an automation to move any file from the Import Folder after (say) an hour,  so that Evernote has the chance to import it,  but not to throw a duplication.

I'd suspect that the OS itself can be the major issue here - files can be locked and/ or marked as 'new' by various processes which confuse the Folder logic.

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