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safari (Archived) web clipper installation fail (safari)

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The installation of the Safari plugin terminates with "Onbekende installatiefout / Unknown installation error"

clipper plugin 112139

safari 5.0.3 (6533.19.4)

Mac OS 10.6.6


Jan Volbers

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The safari plug-in failed installation for me as well.

A work-around for now is to use the version you can download at the website, but first delete the version downloaded from the Mac App Store. I wasn't able to do this by dragging it to the trash so had to do the following:

Go to Applications/Utilities

Double-click on Terminal

type cd Applications/ (hit return)

type sudo rm -rf Evernote.app/ (hit return)

enter your password when prompted and hit return

close the Terminal

Go to http://www.evernote.com and download the version there. Web clipping works once you do this install and then restart safari.

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