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Wanted feature: auto-formatting by text-pattern! Or script like VBA in MS Office!



I'm saving in EverNote my discussion logs - with relatives, with different opponents, with team members and so on.
This is very important materials for me!

But(!) when I see a lot of text of the same color and format - that is deadly bad to read and recognize something in it!

Please note: I do not need to complex formatting!
I'm 100% fine with very simple eye-catching techniques - bold + underline + color.

So, I need at least one of:

  • support of scripts like VBA in MS Office
    So, when I can write a simple code to apply formatting to text. 
    foreach (string line in note.Lines) { if (/Polina\s+\w+\[\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\s+\d+\:\d+\.\]/.match(line)) line.applyFormat(stylePerson2Header); }
  • auto-formatting by text-template. 
    Example of such definitions:
    "Dmitry Bond\s+\[\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\s+\d+\:\d+\.\]" => "line[font-style:bold,underline; font-color:navy]; switch-to[font-color:navy]"
    "Polina Pashko\s+\[\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\s+\d+\:\d+\.\]" => "line[font-style:bold,underline; font-color:magenta]; switch-to[font-color:magenta]"
    In this example it means - the line itself formatted by "font-style:bold,underline; font-color:navy" and from this point to next text-pattern it is formatted by "font-color:navy".
    So, for me it is enough to have formatting on a per-line-basis.

Because in current version if I only missed formatting piece of text once then I have to spend about an hour to scroll, scroll and scroll and format the all non-formatted text.

Of course - the first option would be more generic, flexible and better.

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EN supports a few commands to format text, for example for headers, code block and some more.

They do not support markdown, and I doubt they will support any other obscure code based formatting. It’s a note taking app, not a text designer.

You can however send feedback or contact support about it.

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