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I don't know if it is just me. I having been encountering email issues 3 times just within this week, Monday, Thursday, and Today. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. and every time, EN replied my question by saying "it will 100% back to normal within few hours". And it did back to normal, but only worked for a day.

I just subscribed the premium service and I don't know if the email problem is new or it's always there. it's really annoying.

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I'm waiting too, for some emails I sent four hours ago to appear. Syncing is working now, and the cc of the emails turned up in my inbox, so I know they were sent. I'm fairly new to EN so I don't know how long it normally takes.

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I sent six notes about seven hours ago, and the first two have just arrived in EN.

I wanted to transfer some scans from my phone. I'd saved them as small jpg files in the camera roll, so I could have imported them straight into EN on the phone, but I wanted two or three pictures in each note, so I emailed them. Long before the emails arrived I'd synced, and copied the pictures I wanted over from iPhoto.

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