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(Archived) Inoperable after switch to App Store version



Yesterday I upgraded from Evernote 1.x to 2.0.1, using the App store version. Now I have a bunch of problems. The most important is that the main Evernote window will only display the note which is at the top on opening. If I add a note as a clipping, it will be added to the overall list of notes, but:

(1) sometimes it will come up in its own window as before, but not allow me to add tags etc,

(2) sometimes it will not come even up in its own window, and

(3) the only way to actually navigate to that note is to close Evernote and open it again, so that the program now shows the topmost note.

Likewise with switching from note to note. The program will not allow me to switch from note to note in the overall list. The note to which I navigate in that list will show correctly as being highlighted, but the main window will only display the topmost note.

I have tried restarting the machine, and also deleting and reinstalling Evernote 2.0.1. Same problem. The second time it didn't update the database, so I may not have deleted adequately.

*update: deleted App Store version and downloaded 2.0 from Evernote website. Seems to be working fine. Looks like it was the App Store version that was the problem, as I see other users are already reporting.

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