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Resolve Multiple Copies of Same Note

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I have six copies of a Note.  I would like to resolve the differences within Evernote; I am willing to download the Win/10 app if necessary. 

I saw another discussion about this, but it was older and only said to save each note to a file and use a file comparison tool.  That seems both awkward and time-consuming.  Is there a way to do this within Evernote, either the web or Android version?

I am the only user, I am primarily editing the note on my phone, and I close the web window when I'm done.  I don't see why there would be multiple versions.

The only suggestion in the Help file is to merge the notes, but six copies of a note would then be in sequence.

The ideal solution would be a tool within Evernote that allows me to view two versions at a time, each with date/time stamp, and merge.

I use the Windows 10 web interface (Firefox) and the Android app (both up to date).

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