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(Archived) CPU Usage 100%--Not Hibernate Related

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With 32-bit XP SP2, just about anytime I do a search on the local EN3B, there is a huge lag while, for 20 seconds or so, the CPU usage hits 100%. Same problem not just when searching, but when switching notebooks, especially to All Notebooks.

My database is not particularly huge. Under 20MB with 2300 notes.

This lag problem for me is not related to either hibernation / standby or syncing to the web. This happens just trying to move around in the local database. I guess it also happens after a sync when I try to move to another notebook or do a search.

EN 2.2 was / is so bouncy and responsive--even with big databases. No mess, no fuss. The sync capacity and web interface for EN3 are huge benefits, I think. But this lag business is absolutely for the birds. I am going to have to ditch EN3 if it is not made to be quicker. And that will be sad, because apparently there will be no future development of EN2, which could use the ingenuity EN3 is sucking up.

Anyone else having the CPU lag problem?


Btw, search CPU on the forum, and nothing comes up, even though there are multiple posts and topics about CPU usage. What's up with that?

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