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Import onenote onepkg file to evernote

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is it possible to import a onepkg file into evernote? Or which other format do evernote need? When i tried to do it ends in just a file to download but no content:



We are using one note for years in our company and people created a lot of content in the last years. They do not accept that they have to start from the scratch. Can you help me?



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  • Evernote Expert

There is no One Note importer. I suspect that this will be a two step process. Export from One Note and find a converter in the Internet that will convert to an Evernote ENEX file.

Another option would be to save the One Note documents as HTML files.

Create an Import Folder in Evernote. Save each of the HTML files into that folder and they will import into Evernote.

Personally, I'd keep One Note as an archive. Each time I needed content in Evernote Is copy it across. Gradually I'd end up with everything I actually needed in Evernote and an archive in One Note.


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