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(Archived) Newbie alert - pls help with a basic question!

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Sorry all, a real newbie question. I'm thrilled to have found Evernote - it's just what I needed to organise my recipes. I've just made a few individual notes with single recipes and now want to join/link them into a "recipes" folder. Is this possible?

I'm figuring this is necessary otherwise you have a huge list of notes on everything with no organisation beyond chronological. I'm sure there's a simple answer that I've missed in the start-up briefing. Thanks in advance for your help!

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You have a couple of options. You could make a 'Recipes' notebook, and store all of those recipes in that notebook. Or you could make a 'Recipe' tag, and apply it to all of your recipes. In my system, I would use the latter approach. Tags are a powerful way to organize information, and to really know how to use Evernote well, you need to know how to use tags effectively. What platform are you running on?


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And you could improve your search results with more specific tags.

For each recipe, use on of the following tags

  • Recipe
    • recipe-breakfast

The only minor drawback is I would classify pizza with all the tags. :o

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