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EN 7.11 no longer working on Mac 10.12.6 as of today...

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Been using EN7.11 on my Mac 10.12.6 fine for some years now as I can't upgrade my MacOS with causing other app issues and loosing access to those.

But this morning it was open working when it popped up with a warning to upgrade my version. I normally ignore these but this time it seems more deadly.

There's little point in trying an upgrade as it requires OS 10.13+

If I try to run my 7.11 it pops up a login box which produces the attached error which I've not seen before. Selecting Update Evernote just takes me to their download page.

Is there anyway to revive EN without upgrading my OS (which I can't do as stated above)??

Thanks in advance



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No, legacy apps will not sync any more. Maybe 7.14 will sync, no idea. But if it does, it will stop any time now as well.

You can access your notes through other clients, like the web client.

Your version of MacOS can’t run the current v10 client. You need at least MacOS 10.14 Mojave

So either you update it, or it’s the end of the road for the desktop client for you.

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MacOS name corrected.
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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

You need at least MacOS 10.14 Monterrey

FYI, Monterey is version 12.0, not 10.14.

Unfortunately, Evernote 7.11 is the latest version that will run under Sierra. If you're able to upgrade to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, you'll be able to run the newer 7.14.1 — which is still able to work.

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Hmmm - my MacOS 14 is called Sonoma.


But you are right: It was not Monterrey, it was Mojave. I have corrected my posting.

That EN is 2 years behind in updating its documentation you can see from the missing versions 13 Ventura and 14 Sonoma.

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Thanks all for confirming my suspicions 😥

This is happening more and more to my apps unfortunately and yes my hardware (early 2013) means I can update to a later OS but I'm using software that makes moving forward difficult due to 32bit installers being used which limits my OS options somewhat.

Web client here I come...


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So it means I need to download the updated client, but if the user can't upgrade, will lose access to notes. I was running on 6.11 and can't even access notes as of today. It just presents me with the login screen by the way. 

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EN is not responsible to keep a client alive when you insist on using a computer that gets no more repairs with an operating system deprecated by its developer.

You can always use the web client.

It will run in most browsers, even does in my Firefox 70 extended service release version on my Raspberry Pi.

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