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compare different versions of a note in history

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You check it word by word yourself.

There is no tool to compare versions.

Or you copy the text to an app that supports comparing 2 documents, and use it to find the difference. MS Word comes to mind, or if you want a free alternative LibreOffice.

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Very simple: A note is a container, I can drop everything inside. It get's an URL pointing at that content, not at individual documents. In fact it works like a little private website, collecting what I want. I know G-Docs does many similar things, just not all of them (or why is there Google Keep ?).

Beside this, I don't use Google services, whenever I can avoid them. And that's possible in most cases - I don't want to expose my privacy just for the sake of a company making billions in profits from building a virtual twin of me. Same with Meta, thanks for asking. Avoid all these scumbags that tell it's for "Free", just because YOU are their product, that they sell to everybody who believes your attention will turn them a profit.

I rather pay for a service like EN, that is NOT selling or otherwise harvesting my data.

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