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We are other users here …

Maybe you just have a SLOW computer ? Who knows, you don’t tell. In fact you don’t tell nothing, posting in General Discussions.

So you either put some beef on your bread roll to make it look like a burger, or you have to live with what you have.

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i have a generic comment on that - 

To fix occasional errors with installs or updates on laptops or desktops - plus issues with speed or lag

1 - Make sure your notes are synced up to date

2 - Exit Evernote (if you can) / delete data from device

3 - Uninstall app with Appcleaner (Mac) or Revo Uninstaller Free (Win)

4 - Power device off / allow 10 seconds / power back on

5 - Download latest Evernote from Evernote.com

6 - Reinstall. It will take a little while for the app to be fully operational

Additional Checks:

Verify Evernote's Hardware Acceleration is set to ON - go to Tools > Settings > Preferences > Application and scroll to the bottom. The "hardware acceleration disabled" box should be UNticked, but if you're having issues change that setting and restart the device. (Come back and change it again if that doesn't help!)

If you have any issues deleting Evernote data, see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004231762-Remove-Evernote-data-from-your-Mac-or-Windows-device

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