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I'm experiencing an issue with the shortcut delete icon on the Mac desktop version of Evernote (circle with an "x" inside that appears when hovering over a particular shortcut link). I'm wondering: Is anyone else having this same issue?

All of a sudden, I'm accidentally deleting many of my shortcut links when I'm simply trying to click on them, since I accidentally click on the delete icon. This has never happened before in many years of using the program.

Was the icon location moved recently?  It would make much more sense for this icon to be left justified to come before each shortcut name rather than nestled at the end and right justified (see attached image) as the current placement makes it easy to accidentally click on it. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update as it's interrupting my workflow and creating a major inconvenience. Thank you!

Evernote Shortcuts Issue.png

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This has been raised before and seems ot have been solved in 10.70.2. All the X delete icons, including for shortcuts to notebooks, are now back on the right hand side.


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