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Sidebar Notebook Spacing Change

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I'm currently running the latest Mac version of Evernote (10.68.3) and have recently noticed a pretty substantial change in the spacing between notebook titles in the sidebar under the Notebooks heading. They've been spaced significantly farther apart (see image 1), whereas both note titles and notebook titles in the Shortcuts and Recent Notes headings are spaced closer together (see image 2), as they have long been. This is an issue for me – though not a huge one – due to the massive list of notebook titles that I regularly scroll through in my sidebar. I see no setting for customizing the spacing between sidebar items, and I'm utterly confused why BS would change the spacing only for items in the Notebooks heading. Has anyone else noticed this recent change and does anyone have any thoughts or solutions to share?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!




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Yes, we had some posts already noticing a slight UI change. I doubt it was intentional - there was another problem where the lower part of the side panel was invisible on larger screens. Maybe this went wrong while fixing the other bug.

Since we are just other users here, you need to go through support.

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