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Move the Notes/notebooks from trash

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Hello Everyone ,


hope you all are well,



I have 2 Evernote accounts, 1 individual account since 2018 and 1 team account (recently joined). I have around 11000 notes in Trash of my individual account which are quite important to me and I need to move them to the trash folder of my team account. is there any way to move them? and do all together in one go?  or Ill need to keep my individual account active to keep them safe!? however the second option would be a solution but I prefer to have them in the same place.


thank you in advance.



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Make a notebook from them. Will be an extended action, because you can only select 100 at a time (didn't try, but that's what I expect ).

Export the notebook as an ENEX file. Import the notebook into the Teams account.

Hint: 11.000 notes can easily go beyond the 20GB upload limit. In this case you need to split the Import, becaiuse if the ENEX-file is larger than the upload limit, trying to import it will clog up the client and account, and it will not import the next time neither, because importing is not incremental.

So keep the size of each ENEX file significantly below your accounts upload limit (10GB Personal, 20GB Professional and Teams). Split the notes to several Export/Import notebooks accordingly.

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