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(Archived) Memory leaks & spinning beachballs



I recently upgraded to Version 2.0 (116546) on Mac. After that Evernote has become quite unresponsive. After every few words I type, the application starts spinning the beachball - this lasts for 10 seconds or so - then things continue as normal for a few. If I take a look at the Activity Monitor, it's obvious that every time the app becomes unresponsive, it's allocating hundreds of megabytes of memory (see screenshot) and using up all the CPU cycles. Is this a known problem and is there anything that can be done about it? All of my documents are in Evernote nowadays, so this is causing me a fair amount of grief!




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I'm not a Mac person, so just a general comment. First: %CPU in your picture is > 100% How can that be?!?! That's like turning it up to 11. :)

Anyways, using %100 of the CPU isn't necessarily itself a bad thing, so long as you're running at normal priority (and can be pre-empted by other processes). See ZOMG! This program is using 100% CPU!1! Think of the puppies!!11!!1!1!eleven for an explanation. But you didn't say that the whole system was unresponsive, just Evernote, right? Chances are that Evernote is doing some lengthy calculation that's preventing its UI from responding, and maybe they could spin that off into a separate thread an dmake Evernote itself a little more lively.

The 'Real Mem' statistic is of concern though -- Evernote is taking up 785MB of physical RAM; depending on how much you actually have in your system, that puts pressure on the virtual memory system, and the delay could be the result of excessive swapping. 785MB is a lot, on my work machine, which has 3GB (boo-hoo), the largest mem user is typically Visual Studio, currenlly running with about 400+ MB (depends on the number of projects that I have loaded). Sorry I don't have a good answer for you, though.


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John: I'm not too concerned about the CPU usage (it goes above 100% because the machine has multiple cores). I _am_ concerned about the app taking 10-20 second breaks after every three words I type. Every single time it leaks 100-200MB _more_ RAM -- the screenshot showed it at 785.2MB but just by typing more words I can get it to leak a few gigs -- all the way until the machine becomes completely unresponsive. This is not good. :(


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