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Evernote Support: A users experience

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When there is a real technical issue, I am not I am not getting the support service that payment covers.  I have a 5 month old issue, that breaks Tasks,  that has not been seriously addressed by Evernote.

I will buffer this by saying when it comes to subscription, log-in and other “simple” issues, support has been good.

I am a paying Pro Subscriber of Evernote.  I agree Evernote is generally the best product of its kind out there.  I paid the new price with no complaints.   

I want to document this for users deciding if they want to sign up for Evernote, new, or re-new.  

6 Aug, 2023 (GrNe)

In the last week or so, my Tasks pan views show only the green spinning circle.

7 Aug 2023 (Evernote)

My name is Mark, and I will be assisting you today....

7 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

I have tried several sequences of login out, removing data, complete uninstall (using Revo) and re-installation (with admin rights).  I also updated Windows 11 to fix any missing components. Attached is a log from this morning.

7 Aug 2023 (Evernote)

I'm escalating your case for further review.

7 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

Here is the picture you asked for.  All tabs show this.

9 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

An update: I did a complete Reset of my Windows - installed new version of Evernote
RESULT: Problem still exists.

9 Aug 2023 (Evernote)

My name is Geoff, ... it may be longer before we can get back to you

12 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

Any news? Can I provide more info or try something out?        

14 Aug 2023 (Evernote)

We’ll absolutely let you know If any additional piece of information is needed to possibly find a solution.  
In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us again any time you need.

16 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

I am now 10+ days without the Tasks functionality.

21 Aug 2023 (GrNe)

Hello, I am still desperately waiting for help to get my Tasks working again.  I have added the last log

6 Sept 2023 (Evernote)

We confirm that our team is still running some verifications on what you kindly reported.

29 Sept 2023 (GrNe)

Its been a month since your last report, and .. this problem, basically makes my [Evernote} useless [for work].

14 Oct 2023 (GrNe)

Please, give this some serious attention.  does not work on: - Windows app, - Firefox, - Chrome

16 Oct 2023 (Evernote)

Our team is still running some verifications on the issue you reported.

11 Nov 2023 (GrNe)

I have an important update!  On an old free account, and started a trial upgrade, and TASKS WORKED! ..its a data, not a  [PC or] application issue...

14 Nov 2023 (Evernote, email, not in support log)

We are currently restructuring the Evernote Customer Support department ... take a look at the resources available on our Help & Learning. Etc.

If you still have [problems] and if you still need support, please reply to this email making sure to include the following information.... 

15 Nov 2023 (GrNe)

Please refer to this request for much detail:

15 Nov 2023 (GrNe)

Attached is a new log from just after a fresh install.

22 Nov 2023 (GrNe)

[I have received] no reply in regard to my extra effort to help solve the problem (nor to the recent email I got and replied to).... 

01 Dec 2023 (GrNe)

The Tasks pane does not work on ALL MY PCs!

18 Dec 2023 (GrNe)

Its been 4 months since this problem was reported, and there has been no constructive reply, or attempt to interact to solve the problem.

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I'm not an anti-Evernote agitator, but I've been concerned about the quality of support. Fortunately I haven't had any significant support needs, but I shudder to think about what would happen (or not happen) if I did. 

Bending Spoons is an app developer that has acquired other apps. I think it's reasonable to say they ought to have anticipated a surge in support requests and prepared for that.

If it helps, though, I've been using Evernote since 2009. There have been periods where support has been worse and others where it was much better. I think it's possible that if we wait this out, things will get better.

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I feel there are 2 kinds of support requests.

Bugs, and non-bugs.

Non-bug related support requests are pretty straightforward. Responses come in reasonable time, and usually there is a resolution, no matter how shoddy the resolution is. (I had my subscription prematurely terminated for weeks, and all I got was an additional 10GB quota for 1 month - when I don't use more than 1 MB a month).


Bug-related support requests ... well good luck on those. Support 1) might not understand what you're referring to, 2) might consider the case resolved because they couldn't reproduce your issue no matter how many diagnostics or evidence you've provided, 3) might provide pointless template answers, 4) might leave you hanging for weeks and months while 'our team investigates the issue', 5) eventually close the ticket anyway without resolution.


This was such the case since 2012 when I first subscribed till 2023.

I would also say that such support interactions are common to other apps and isn't unique to Evernote. But other apps would usually fix the technical issue within the year in a stealth upgrade. Evernote ... I have had issues unresolved for years. Including a similar problem as OP since day 1 of Tasks release.

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In general I agree that support currently looks more like an oracle crossed with a black hole than a helpful instance for technical issues.

On the other hand with recent updates some bugs really got fixed pretty fast, often without a hint in the release notes. No idea why, maybe they do some „post delivery QA“.

Support ticket were always closed when support had exhausted its possibilities - like after the answer „We reproduced the issue and passed it on to the developers“. It is then not solved for the user, but there will be no support interaction either - the fix will be delivered by release. So the ticket is closed.

We can check and even reopen tickets after logging into the help pages. There is a list of all tickets, with interaction.

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