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(Archived) Mirroring EN with RememberTheMilk and Mail

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I use RTM with this greasemonkey script that allows you to nest lists and tags in the RTM tag cloud:

RTM: Tag Cloud Restructurer


I've been able to mirror my EN Stack/Notebook and nested tag structure in RTM, so I've migrated my GTD away from EN back to RTM.

The A Bit Better RTM Firefox add-on provides a unique URL for each RTM item, which I can then paste into the URL field in my EN notes.


I'm also using MailTags for Apple Mail to create a similar mirrored organizational tag and project structure for my email (and I can paste local URLs for my mail messages into RTM tasks too).


It would be great if RTM would hook into the EN API (a la Nozbe).


[EDIT]http://www.gravityapps.com/tags/index.html but this works fine for me.]

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