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"Upgrade momentarily unavailable" - can never get past this stage!



Note to moderator - first time I've posted on this forum and it's not very clear the best way to creeate a new post. As I believe this may be a bug I've followed the technical issues links to post but I note it's calling it an "idea" rather than a technical issue which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If it needs moving to a more suitable section then please feel free to do whatever you need to but main concern is getting past this hurdle to upgrading.

I've been an active freebie user past couple of years so obviously impacted by the recent limitations (which I can understand the need for).

I've NEVER... not once... got past this message when trying to upgrade...

"Upgrade momentarily unavailable - Purchasing options are unavailable at this time. Please try again later"

Have to say if I didn't have so many notes in there I'd have thrown the towel in a couple of weeks back so I guess this post is pretty much my last throw of the dice.

This morning I got really excited as the message changed to a 40% discount offer!... but I still ended up not being able to upgrade.

I clicked to accept the 40% discount, then the screen showed a ticked panel saying "40% dicount aplied" with a button labelled "Unlock unlimited notes" which I pressed and got the same "Upgrade momentarily unavailable - Purchasing options are unavailable at this time. Please try again later" 

Powered phone off/on and now I'm back to the original £79.99 / year, press 'Continue' but getting same message.

So very very frustrating, and now I've had a 40% off carrot dangled in front of me I'm hardly going to refuse it am I?

Any constructive ideas or suggestions please?

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Confused with a technical issue now being described as an "idea" hence I've added an intro note to explain to moderator.
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Update - I’ve since managed to sort this by logging on via laptop so have to assume the issue I described is most likely specific to mobile use. If it helps I tried 2x different iPhones one a model 6S and the other a model 7 so both fairly old phones by todays standards.

Pleased to say I also got the 40% discount for first annual subscription.

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Thanks Gowelboy, this is happening to me too. Unfortunately I’m locked out of my desktop account because mistakenly went past the too many unsyncs limitation. Hopefully I can follow your process next month if the discount still exists. Was it the same as mobile where a pop-up appeared offering the discount? Or did you do it some other way?

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Dear All,

I have the same issue you descirbed, and I also accidentally locked myself out because of syncing limits. In addition I got a nice offer ad on mobile/ipad in my currency, where payment was unavaible,  whereas when I tried to upgrade on browser I got an offer in Euro and twice the price as the initial “Last chance new year offer” was. I have no idea how to reach that offer in reality :(. It would be nice to report it to customer support and get a solution, but there isn’t one. 

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On 1/7/2024 at 9:33 PM, PinkElephant said:

Thanks PinkElephant! In the meantime I found this hidden option for purchase issues to reach out by writing a request, hope they will help 🥺


Update: So the support team answered me but they just tried notoriusly not understand the problem, altough I was unmistakably clear about it, provided screenshots and everything. After my 3. mail I tried to hold them accountable by showing an offer in the app which I cannot take, and if it is a lie, and for that they simply didn’t answer. I am not sure this is legal even. I really tried to negotiate with this already bad situation, but ChatGPT would provide me a more humanely answer as those there. I am disappointed to the core.

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