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Don't see option to export notes

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I'd like to export my notebooks as an ENEX file. Online support says in order to export as ENEX file, right click on selected notes and select Export. I'm using Evernote online, on a Macbook, and when I right click there is no option that says Export (see image for what I do see). If I click Save As the only option I get is to save as html file. Nor does export show up when I click the three dots in the right upper hand corner of a note. What am I missing here?? If it matters, I currently subscribe to the Personal plan. Would appreciate any insight if someone can offer me help, thanks!

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 7.26.22 PM.png

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After searching this forum I see that I can't export from the web version and have now downloaded the software. Do wish that information was included in the help section, would have avoided some frustration on my end. Should have searched the forum before posting, but am new to this forum and just wanted my question answered. Hours later and I see a moderator still needs to approve the topic... 

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