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(Archived) Evernote not recognizing text in clipping

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Hi all!

After using the screenshot tool to capture a snapshot of a webpage, I found that Evernote isn't recognizing the text in the snapshot. After waiting for a while, I added a random picture from Google as a separate note (not by clipping it via screenshot tool, but by directly dragging and dropping the file), and this time, Evernote was able to quickly analyze the image and search the texts within it.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the report. It turns out that it's actually harder to correctly recognize text in a screen shot than in many pictures. The reason is that many of the edges and spaces between letters on the screen are harder to interpret than a picture of real printed text, which has more natural contours. So a screen shot of medium-sized text with screen aliasing enabled and decent character width will give you some text recognition results, this will tend to be worse than what you'd get from a picture of a billboard.

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