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(Archived) archiving notebooks



Hello, I have been using Evernote for about 6 months, I am a dentist and have been creating notebooks to store all my business records. I have created some notebooks and have stored all info under categories with year. CAn I archive previous years notebooks? Seems that I will have many notebooks. Or would you recommend creating a notebook for say "bank statements" and not separate by each year? Hope that made sense to someone?



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You can archive previous notebooks in a few ways. You can put them into a Stack (Past Notebooks, something like that), or you can export the notebook and delete it from Evernote (you can re-import it later should you need to). Personally, I like the first option...it keeps everything searchable and synchronized, and doesn't clutter up the Notebooks display.

As for organization, that's up to you. Yes, you can search by date, but sometimes it may be helpful to have a notebook of each year. It really depends on your idea of organization and the task at hand.

Here is what I do, as it may give you an idea of what may help:

I keep each course (I'm a student) in a separate Notebook, with a Stack for Past Courses, as well as a Stack for the current semester. I also have a Receipts Notebook, a General notebook, and one or two other random ones.

The most important thing to me is the title and the content of the note. That is typically what I remember, and what I search for. I rarely search using the Tags and Dates, but I keep them in check anyway.

Admittedly, dates aren't particularly important for my purposes, but I do mark each with the date of the appropriate lecture, due date, etc.

I keep Tags such as:

-Lecture, Homework, Reading, Writing, Research

-Various companies I have receipts from (Apple, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

-dozens of other tags

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