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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is a common request/complaint: the only facility for manipulating the placement of images in Evernote is to insert them into a table cell, and manipulate that. In general, Evernote is not really designed for doing publishable layouts. Usually it works best to gather materials and do some drafting in Evernote, then transfer to a real desktop publishing or word processing program for layout and formatting. Hope this helps.

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OK, thanks. I figured they could sync the image with Text formatting, and wham bam thank you Mamm problem solved. This is probably a logistical issue that is beyond my understanding so I'll leave it with the experts. I appreciate your response. 

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In general EN is not build to layout documents.

The reason is simple: A note is a website, and an adaptive one on top. It has no fixed width, because it will adapt to the devices display. And it has no length, plus no page or section breaks. The concept of a "page" is foreign to EN. It will create "pages" on printing or pdf export, but its not good at it, and will break all attempted formatting.

Use it to store content, control the workflow - but create the layouted document with another app.

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