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Hmmm...long-time free user. Deleted 1 device to add another. No go. Wot?

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I must have missed the memo.

I've used the Free version of Evernote for a number of years.

Installed on both my old computer and phone.  It has saved my bacon more than a couple of times.

When I installed Evernote on the new computer, it automatically deactivated the device on my phone.

I thought to myself, self, that's cool because you can only have two devices connected to Evernote Free.

So when I deactivated my old computer, I noticed that there is no way (as far as I can tell) to activate it back on my phone (along with the new computer).

I'm guessing that the new business model limits the free account to one device (no matter how grandfathered you are).

Does this sound about right?

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It is still 2 devices, but it is as well 2 unsyncs per 30 days. When consumed, you can't connect another and have a 30 day waiting period. Or you need to subscribe for an immediate unlock. This has been in effect since 2020, together with counting the web client as a device.

You need to take care yourself when you switch devices. First log out of your account on the device you want to skip, quit the app. Then use "the other" device to unsync the old device. Now your device count should be 1.

Install the client on the new device, log in.

That's the logical sequence - if you don't follow it, the unsync fails and will jump between devices. Every time you sync a new one, an unsync happens, until there are no more unsyncs allowed. Then you have locked yourself out.

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