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(Archived) AAC Files With Evernote Premium In Ipad


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I just recently realized the advantage of Evernote Premium and signed up a week or so ago. I really like all of the benefits and at $5.00 /month it is a no brainer. When I signed up I was able to see my AAC files in my notes, however I can not play the note when in "Read-Only". Nothing happens. However when I make the note editable and click on the AAC file it plays flawlessly. Is this how it is supposed to be? Why does the file only play in the editable note but not the read-only?

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Yes I also found this problem. AAC format can't play in iOS device. OMG....WHY.....anybody knows how to fix it or wait for update or will never have this function!?

unbelievable iOS device can not play AAC format.....

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