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(Archived) My note gets extra blank lines when I encrypt/decrypt



I have a note that is encrypted. I notice that it acquires a lot of blank lines in it and a ton of extra vertical spacing between the lines of my text. I get rid of them, but after encrypt/decrypt (temporarily), they're back and the note is growing bigger and bigger as each time new space appears. How to fix this?


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I have been using Evernote for about six months now and I have had the same problem.

I am using latest versions on 1 x Windows / 2 x MacOS / 1 x iPhone 4.

I have not worked out what causes this yet. I have some weird feeling its Sync related, so if I edit he encypted note on windows, and use my Mac its causes the blank lines to be put in but I cannot be 100% sure on that.

Would like it fixed as drives me mad!

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I got an answer from Evernote tech support. They told me they know about it, it's a bug, and it'll be fixed at some point along with "numerous other issues" on their long list. At least I know I'm not crazy, but that doesn't help me use the encrypt feature... They didn't mention any workaround when I asked.

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I am still having this bug, is there any reason to hope that it will ever be fixed? Or, is encryption just not worthwhile if you intend to encrypt and unencrypt, because re-formatting entire notes regularly is not a functional option.

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Assuming that no bug fix is in the near future, does anybody have any workarounds, or alternatives you use to get around this problem? I have some sensitive text encrypted, but I need to search it, so I have to unencrypt it every time I want to search (because the "view" instead of unencrypting option doesn't allow clicking outside the text, so prevents a search).

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