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I'm trying to authenticate my student account to make a purchase at a discounted price, but I keep encountering errors.

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Evernote is acting strangely. I've been using it for free with my existing account, gmail account. I decided to upgrade my account and link it to my student account. I verified my student status through Unidays. However, clicking on the Student Offer link provided by Evernote logs me out. I can't prove that I authenticated my student account when making the payment.

It seemed like the issue was trying to link the student account to the existing one. So, thinking that signing up with a student account and making the payment would work, I logged in with my student account. Even when I log in with my student account, clicking on the Student Offer link still logs me out. There's no way to prove that my student account was authenticated during payment. When logged in with my existing account, I keep getting a message to upgrade, and I can't access the settings. Attempting to upgrade while logged in with my existing account prompts a message to release devices, making it impossible to proceed. I considered changing the username of my existing account to my student account, but it's not allowed due to being logged in with the student account, and I haven't received any emails about closing the student account. I'm thinking of just using Notion.


Test it out yourselves.

  1. Have an account logged in on two different devices using the app.
  2. Log in through the https://evernote.com/unidays link.
  3. You will see a notification to release the device, and you'll want to go back to the previous page.
  4. Go back to the previous screen and get verified by Unidays for student authentication.
  5. After that, without any changes, every time you go to the https://evernote.com/unidays link, you will notice that you are logged out.
  6. Where can you actually upgrade with a student account discount? After getting student verification from Unidays, when you return to https://evernote.com/unidays and log in, you will only encounter an endless pop-up saying, "Release the device."

    The guidance regarding payments is provided on the web, but for free users who have allowed app logins on two devices, accessing information about payments is challenging. Don't you think there is a need for improvement in this regard?
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The problem is likely to run into the device limit of the Free account. Is one of the 2 devices the web client ?

If not, you probably need to unsync one of the devices used. Log out of your account on that device, then use the second, working one to unsync it.

Now you should be able to log in on the web client, and proceed.

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