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free version maxed out?

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I've had Evernote for years, but only use the most basic functionality. It shows I currently have 718 notes, and today I got a pop up saying I have maxed out my free plan, as I can only have 50 total notes on the plan. Clearly, this isn't right, because this is the first time I got the notice, and when I look at the plan comparisons, the is nothing mentioned about the number of notes.  AM I simply being forced to upgrade to a paid plan? Do I have any opinions here? I cant even contact anyone at Evernote sadly...

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If you read the posts in the forum you'll see that Evernote's Free tier is now subject to a 50 note/1 notebook maximum.  Users previously using the Free plan can edit, delete, move and export their existing notes but cannot create new notes if their account exceeds the new limits.

You could create a new free account and share your old notes with that account meanwhile working within the 50/1 limits in the future, or you can upgrade to the Personal tier or find an alternative service that remains free and supports your use.

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