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Subscription without account

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Hello everyone, 

I have the the following problem:

I closed my Evernote Pro Account in August 2023 in the misconception that this would as well cancel my Pro Subscription. Now I have been billed for another year. Now I am in the unfortunate situation that I can neither access my account to use the contact options from the account (deleted) nor cancel my subscription (only possible out of the account settings). I tried every support address I could find but at best got automated responses. They are playing dead duck it seems. Can please somebody point me in the right direction how to contact support? There must be a better way than to sue them. 
Many thanks, Peter
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Hi.  Evernote's only Support link is here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new.

If you have the user name and password from your original account you could download a new copy and log in directly to convert it to Basic,  but you'd still need to contact Support for a refund.  It may take a little while to get a response - 10-14 days - at this holiday time of year. 

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Hello gazumped,
Like in the old days! Even back when I was still fascinated by Evernote and it was my daily driver, it was your posts that often helped me! Thank you! I'm not interested in a refund. After all, it was my stupidity not to have canceled the subscription too. I just don't want to be burdened with 99++ annually until the end of my days without receiving anything in return. I will try your link. Thanks again! Peter

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Hi Wanderling Reborn, 
I have to correct myself. With the help of gazumpeds link I now have contacted Evernote and got an immediate and very kind response. We have solved my problem and I have to admit that it had completely been my fault. The payment was connected to an account of my wife I had completely forgotten about. My own subscription was indeed canceled together with the closure of my account.  Shame on me and apologies to Evernote.
Update: Evernote support just announced they will refund. Great customer orientation in this case!

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