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Attorney usecase to manage cash receipts from clients

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Can evernote handle this:

1) My client is an attorney and has many clients paying via cash and using direct deposit to the firm bank. The attorney needs a way for the client to upload / scan the receipt and then have it sent to the admin for approval. 

2) Is Evernote open to API? I then want a developer to sent that $ value into our other management tool. 

Let me know , thank you

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1) To upload the clients would need access to the attorneys account. The attorney could share a note to each of the clients - but the clients need to be able to operate the GUI of EN to upload the picture. I would expect more issues from this step than a saving of time and effort

The most neutral approach would probably be to have the clients take a picture of the receipt, and email it to the attorney (or send it via WhatsApp, Signal and the like).

2) There is an API. It just has given headaches in recent time, because it seems it is still working with the „old“ data structure. The online clients have been switched over to a new method of syncing (RTE), requiring a different data structure. I am not sure if a mission critical application with personal and financial data should be operated through it.

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