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Webclipper on Safari no longer working - using latest MacOS

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Webclipper on Safari is no longer working, I am using the latest MacOS. Used to allow the EN access for a day whenever I wanted to clip something and then had to reload the website that I wanted to clip. No longer works... After selecting "allow access for a day" and reload a new tab in Safari opens where it says the following, the happy clipping part just does not work...

Web Clipper log in successful.
You’re now logged in and may close this window.
Happy clipping!
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On 12/10/2023 at 8:58 PM, PinkElephant said:

Works for me, on 3 Macs.

Uninstall, restart, reinstall.

If you run adblocking / security software disable it to check if it blocks clipping.

Still does not work even after uninstall and reinstall. A new tab opens every time I click the Webclipper icon with the content shown at the beginning of the thread.

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The function of the webclipper was changed recently. When clicked a new tab opens briefly, I think for a login. This tab closes again quickly, and the usual web clipper window shows to right.

Since it works for me, I  can’t tell which setting is critical. You can only check in Safari settings for disabled popups or similar. One of this settings likely prevents the login tab to work properly.

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