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(Archived) How do I get Evernote to OCR an iSight note?



I took a picture of a business card with my webcam, thinking that Evernote would recognize the text. It didn't. Is there some trick to this? I read somewhere that Evernote does this when the note is synchronized with the server.

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Yes, you have to synch the info up to Evernote, wait for the OCR process to complete, then resync down to your client.

OCR process time

Premium users: a few minutes

Freebie users: longer - could be a few hours

And is the image a JPG?

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Even as a free user, I generally got OCR results synced back within a few minutes, though the Evernote servers have been freaking out a bit the last couple of days. You might want to try it again, and see what happens.

The jpg you send to Evernote also has to be of sufficient sharpness to be OCR-ed, and that can sometimes be a problem with iSight snaps ... either the shot is blurry, or the text was photographed at too much of an angle for OCR. The Evernote OCR is surprisingly forgiving about stuff like that, but of course it's not perfect.

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You can check if a note's contents have been OCRd with this small image on each note:


If the image is in color, it has been OCRd and is searchable. If it's grey, well, they'll get to it eventually. It is important to note that text PDFs will show up with a grey image (suggesting they are not searchable), but they actually are. It's a strange behavior, but I guess it makes sense.

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